Donors from the Guyer Cattle Company Program
Please feel free to call any of the new owners or GCC for embryo or flush options.


Cinderella S031
PB Simmental Female · Reg# 2370370 · DOB: 4.20.06
Sire: CNS Dream On
Dam: Leignbert Miss M031 by Black Bear

Owned by Lazy H Randy Henthorn and Richard Jenkins.

Leighbert Miss M031
Mother of Cinderella
PB Simmental Female · Reg# 2153903 · DOB: 2.01.02
Sire: Black Bear
Dam: JSF Tiger

Owned by Larry Simmons Farms


Sheza Star S803

PB Simmental Female · Reg# 2387900 · DOB: 9.02.06
Sire: SVF/NJC Built Right N48
Dam: SVF Sheza Star N902

Owned by Moore Land and Cattle, Dennis Moore

Ant Joys Elegance

PB Simmental Female · Reg# 2389615 · DOB: 4.02.07
Sire: 3C Macho (Meyer 734)
Dam: BHS/JF Antoinettes Joy (Power Drive)

Owned by Scott Bohrson and Friends



GCC Donor 203
Mother of Grizzly
50% Simmental Female · Reg# 2461321
Sire: Hotmail
Dam: PB Simmental

Owned by Goddard Cattle Company; Randy Goddard

602N Chill 648N/M-19
Maintainer Female · DOB: 2003 • Reg# 347009
Sire: Chill Factor
Dam: Kroupa Angus 602

Owned by Martin Livestock



Lazy H Burning Desire S121
PB Simmental • Reg# 2382199 • DOB: 2006
Sire: CNS Dream On L186
Dam: Triple C Burn It Up N34L

Owned by Randy Henthorn

Ruby's Heavens Angel 100T
ChiMaine • Reg# P332851 • DOB: 2007
Sire: Who Made Who
Dam: Meyer 734

Owned by Eric Flynn and Associates


GCC Donor 6357

DOB: 2006
Sire: Texas Hold'em
Dam: Hereford Cross

Owned by Jim Woodruff

PRTY-PCC Mae Mae 780T

50% Simmental · Reg# 2438347 • DOB: 2007
Sire: Macho
Dam: Angus

Owned by Jim and Bryce Slavik


Sherwood Jane Mary 743T

Shorthorn • Reg# *x4127083 • DOB: 2007
Sire: WHR Sonny
Dam: Venture

Owned by Brett Duke

Donor 9T

50% Simmental · Reg# 2433602 • DOB: 2007
Sire: S A V 004 Traveler 4836
Dam: Dream On

Owned by Siegrist Show Cattle


O S U Blackbird Gem 1127

PB Angus • Reg#13837927 • DOB: 2001
Sire: Northern Improvement
Dam: Prompter

Owned by Martin Livestock and Zack Gray


MT • DOB: 2008
Sire: Carney Man
Dam: Angus

Owned by Harper Show Cattle and Delane Guyer


Donor 8113

DOB: 2008
Sire: Dr Who
Dam: Angus

Owned by Keith Lambright

Miss Sunshine 166W

PB Simmental • Reg# 2519873 • DOB: 2009
Sire: Star Power
Dam: Imprint

Owned by Siegrist Show Cattle


GCC Donor 3369
Sire: Who Made Who
Dam: Angus

Owned by Zach Gray and Mitch Ferree

SULL Valedictorian 199T
ChiMaine • Reg# 332799 • DOB: 2007
Sire: Northern Improvement
Dam: Heat Wave/Simm

Owned by Chad Hirshfield



GCC Donor 236
Sire: Heat Wave
Dam: Cunia

Owned by Dan Sullivan

BPF Princess 327T
MT • Reg# 384370 • DOB: 2007
Sire: Irish Whiskey
Dam: Angus

Owned by Guyer Cattle Co. and MS Cattle Co.



GCC Donor 32731
Sire: Meyer 734
Dam: DHD Traveler 6807

Owned by Goddard Cattle Company; Randy Goddard

GCC Donor 27
Sire: Black Bear
Dam: Who Made Who

Owned by Greg Kroupa



GCC Donor 31129
Sire: Full Throttle
Dam: Draft Pick/Angus

Owned by Goddard Cattle Company; Randy Goddard

GCC Miss Daisy 130
Sire: Totally Tuned
Dam: Payback

Owned by Guyer Cattle Company and Larry Simmons Farms



Whoopi 16
Sire: Who Made Who
Dam: Angus

Owned by Guyer Cattle Company and Granny Creek Farms

GCC Donor 30
Sire: Grizz
Dam: Heat Seeker

Owned by Adam Pryor



MS Paige 102P
75% Maine • Reg# 338829 • DOB: 2004
Sire: Irish Whiskey
Dam: KJA Primabella

Owned by Martin Livestock


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